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    Key Associate: Peter Almond
    Business Phone: 03 9592 7302
    Mobile Phone: 0424 030 477
    Address: 48 Dendy Street, Brighton, VIC
    About Peter: Peter Almond was a qualified UK financial adviser from 1990 to 2008, specialising in financial planning, investments, and pensions. After relocating to Australia in 2008, Peter was approached by a number of Australian financial advisers who required his knowledge and assistance in providing advice to clients now living in Australia, who had accrued UK pension benefits and required advice on the option of transferring to Australian superannuation. As a consequence of this Peter created the business UK Pensions Melbourne.
    In late 2022 due to the success and growth of the business, Peter expanded his partnership with his licensee HNW Planning and established UK Pensions Australia. This affiliation will introduce HNW’s adviser arm, “Life’s Nett”, which will provide a team of advisers, administers and information technicians to allow Peter to focus on operational aspects of UK Pensions Australia whilst Life’s Nett team of advisers will provide the regulated written advice component.
    Peter has had a long and strong working relationship with HNW for many years. This partnership expands on that relationship giving Peter and UK Pensions Australia access to Life’s Nett expanded team and services that includes SMSF Administration, Personal Insurance, Mortgages and Property Advice. Life’s Nett is the regulated entity. When we write to you, we write as UK Pensions Australia powered by Life’s Nett.

    UK Pensions Australia Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Peter Almond and HNW Group Holdings Pty Ltd to own business goodwill. The shareholding for UK Pensions Australia Pty Ltd is Peter Almond (100%) and HNW Group Holdings Pty Ltd (0%). There is an arrangement in place to steadily move the shareholding from Peter to HNW as part of Peter’s long-term succession planning. Regulated activity is provided by advisers sub-authorised by Life’s Nett Pty Ltd (ASIC 1293632). Life’s Nett Pty Ltd is a corporate representative of HNW Planning Pty Ltd (AFSL and ACL 225216). Revenue sourced from UK Pensions Australia Pty Ltd’s goodwill, net of fees paid to HNW Planning for its licensing services, is paid to UK Pensions Australia Pty Ltd. UK Pensions Australia Pty Ltd then meets operational costs including support staff, rent, and associate remuneration. If there are distributable profits, such profits may be retained and re-invested in the business, or alternatively dividends may be paid to shareholders.