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    Key Associate: Simon Victor-Gordon
    Business Phone: 1800 106 141
    Mobile Phone: 0411 526 875
    Address: 1st Floor 49 Cherry Street, Werribee, VIC

    Ascension Wealth Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Mark Unwin's nominee, Simon Victor-Gordon's nominee and HNW Group Holdings Pty Ltd to own business goodwill. The shareholding for Mark Unwin's nominee (50%), Simon Victor-Gordon's nominee (25%), and HNW Group Holdings Pty Ltd (25%). Simon Victor Gordon (ASIC 457045) is sub-authorised by Life’s Nett Pty Ltd (ASIC 1293632). Both are authorised representatives of HNW Planning Pty Ltd (AFSL and ACL 225216). Revenue sourced from Ascension Wealth Pty Ltd's goodwill, net of fees paid to HNW Planning for its licensing services, is paid to Ascension Wealth Pty Ltd. Ascension Wealth Pty Ltd then meets operational costs including support staff, rent, and associate remuneration. If there are distributable profits, such profits may be retained and re-invested in the business, or alternatively dividends may be paid to shareholders.